Overall view of the chalet
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Click to zoom on picture A living room of 60 m2 (645 sq ft)

Located on the first floor, this area has a warm and cosy part for the lounge, a comfortable dining zone for 6/8 persons and a nice open kitchen. A rotating fireplace can be enjoyed from all parts of the room. It offers an amazing view from the large south facing bay windows and balcony. 
Click to zoom on picture A kitchen with high end appliances

The modern and high standard kitchen is equipped with a pyrolize oven, a microwave oven and a steam oven, such as induction hobs. It also has a large refrigerator with freezer.
Click to zoom on picture A master bedroom of 28 m2 (300 sq ft)

Located on the top floor (3rd floor), this bedroom is everything except standard: mansarded wooden roof, large dressing room, private bathroom, separated private shower unit, balcony, mezzanine and safe. Equipped with a large bed, it is possible to add two extra individual beds (to be organized in advance).